Our country and the world’s most beloved character, Barbie girl , new game with us. You start the game , along with your face Barbie Beyonce is the future. You can join her in her care will be performed and will prepare for the night .

Transactions firstly, the maintenance section will begin by identifying the materials you will use . After identifying the materials you will use , you can begin the process . Firstly to process , nail care will start with . When performing nail care , you can use the material found at the bottom .

Materials must perform well with the practical and nail care . After you complete nail care , you must determine the girl ‘s hairstyle . After this election , she should do the makeup and outfit for tonight should determine . For these preferences can also use the buttons on the left side . Beyonce Barbie in the game , all the controls are provided with the mouse . We wish you good entertainment .



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