It's that time of year where the Summer is coming to an end and all of the students have to get ready to go back to school. Barbie is preparing for yet another year of being the best dressed girl in her entire school. She loves to wear different looks to school, turning the ordinary hallways into glamorous runways. This year Barbie wants to try out a completely new look for school. She's sick and tired of her old skirts and blouses! But the first day of school is quickly approaching and Barbie can't decide on an outfit for the first day of class. First impressions are very important, so Barbie feels pressured to look her best. Will you help this fashionista create a fabulous back-to-school look? Browse the wide selection of options and choose the items you like best in this fun dress up game for girls. Thanks to your amazing fashion sense, Barbie is sure to earn her title of best dressed for the third year in a row!




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