The girls‘ favorite cartoon characters and games with barbie, new games and re against us. About this game with Barbie will go to school with Ellie. Binary with beauty affects men think. Barbie with his choices he has managed to create a perfect way. However, Ellie, of a kind that could not have elections, and despite having little time to ring the school bell is dressed. Ellie dressed in colorful and fun game, and the choices you make and the school must ensure that the most beautiful girl. When you start the game you’ll make the girl’s skin care. While skin care creams as maintenance comes up with the girl’s face and then clean with water will be applied. Finally, take tweezers and pluck her eyebrows will make available in excess. This makes the process that will end with the first part. After the first part of the screen, she will do her makeup and clothes will make a selection. Pretty girl doing makeup natural and simple choices should pay attention to.

After completing make-up, clothing, shoes, jewelry and bags made ​​elections must prepare and daughter literally. Barbie games fun at prep school, Ellie wish.



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