Long years ago, as we face the Barbie doll , now going to face with the beautiful flash game . Girl takes place , as in all games , you will enjoy this one too . Our game Barbie has undergone a major accident . Injured after an accident and was taken to an ambulance for treatment . Girl ‘s ambulance first aid treatment of wounds need to be made ​​. You can accomplish this challenging task just . Come on Barbie fun game to begin with let us help . Once you start the game you find yourself in the ambulance . First, serum , materials such as oxygen cylinders are running. Even to be able to follow her heart in the right parts , you can activate the mechanism . Now all the preparations were made, and the patient ‘s treatment needs to be done . For this game you need to use the material in the bottom right doctor . ‘ll Show a lot of interest in the game , all the controls are provide with your mouse . We hope you enjoy the game well in Barbie in the ambulance .




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