Barbie is a talented girl who keeps herself busy with a variety of activities. Last year, Barbie signed up for singing lessons and has been singing her heart our ever since. One day, while Barbie was singing in the shower, one of her neighbors heard her through the walls and insisted on meeting this talented diva. Little does Barbie know that she's been discovered by her neighbor who is a Hollywood talent agent and is about to get the offer of her dreams. Later that night, Barbie signed her first contract for a record deal, and she can't wait to hit the stage and show off her skills on the microphone. Tonight is Barbie's debut concert as a popstar, and she can't wait to show the world just how talented she is. All eyes will be on Barbie while she's on stage, so she wants to look her best. But she still has to warm up her vocal cords before she can sing all of her songs. She could really use some help getting ready for the concert so that she looks fabulous for her first show, so browse the wide selection of glamorous clothes, fancy accessories, fashionable hairstyles and more, to creat a spotlight-worthy look for this blossoming star in this fun online dress up game for girls!




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