Very loving young girl , tattoo , tattoos started doing the tattoo barbie games parlor customers that come with . However, each of the girls out of reach for the customer decides to use the phone . After this appointment as the call to the hall and making the customer wants a tattoo . You should help her tattooist and five different people during the day should do the tattoo . To do this, select the one that comes up from the people must at first .

Because others will be locked . After you identify the customer , ask him questions and try to learn the shape of the tattoo must be located in mind . After completing all the questions , your face will tattoo you need to do . Firstly to tattoo , tattoo you specify will start adding the adhesive . And then applied to the back of the tattoo girl tattoo you through the equipment , you must do the girl’s body . After applying the tattoo on the girl’s body , get a towel and rub it around with tattoos must .

After drying to remove tattoos and tattoo you with the paint will paint in the desired manner . While performing painting , located in the upper part of the bar must follow . Along with every successful move you make that bar will be filled . Customer fully prepared with the barbie tattoo , then you can switch to the next customer . Tattoo art is provided with the mouse all the controls in the game . We wish you good entertainment .




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