Working on a farm isn’t easy. Every day, this sassy cowgirl wakes up just as the sun is rising so that she can get an early start on her long list of chores. But her job has some perks, too. For example, she works with handsome cowboys who have chiseled jaws and washboard abs. When she’s not working hard to complete a task, you can catch her staring at the sweaty cowboys. Lately, she’s been making a lot of eye contact with a cute cowboy on her farm, and she thinks he might ask her on a date. She wants to lure him in with her fabulous sense of style, but she doesn’t have much free time to spare. Browse the wide selection of cute hats, fashionable clothes, stylish accessories and more, to create an irresistible look for this hard-working cowgirl in this fun online dress up game for girls!




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