Who had a busy winter period with Barbie and her friend, they decide to go on holiday. The duo received permission from their workplaces, have completed all the preparations for the holidays. However, the pimples on the face of one missing Ellie and scars. Despite dozens care creams applied failed to get rid of scars, Ellie, is very unhappy. You must help a cute girl and you have to line up with the girl’s face care cream should be applied. After you apply any cream should take the water and you must clear the girl’s face. If you apply all care cream, you will notice that all traces have disappeared. Then take tweezers and pluck her eyebrows will make available in excess. Have made this process will end up with skin care. In the section of skin care now and then she’ll dress up and will do. To perform these operations, you can use the buttons within the chapter. Barbie Ellie summer vacation fun in the game you wish.



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