Ariel has had her eyes on a handsome prince from the shore for quite some time, and today, they've finally decided to break the ice by going on a romantic date on the beach. Ariel isn't supposed to leave the ocean, for her father wants to keep a close eye on her. But, this rebellious teen couldn't resist the temptation to snuggle up with her crush. Unfortunately, the prince's ex-girlfriend is nearby, and she can't wait to catch these two lovebirds in the act so that she can tattle on Ariel and get her into trouble. Your progress is timed, so keep lookout and help these lovers fill the meter within the time limit by locking lips whenever the prince's ex-girlfriend isn't paying attention. You'll have to start all over if Ariel gets caught, so pay attention and be sneaky to keep Ariel's secret safe in this fun online kissing game for girls!



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